April 12, 2015

Are you the Victim of a Poor Fit?

Most of us are.

According to the big bra makers themselves, 80% of us are in the wrong size... If you've gone bra shopping, tried on 20 bras in 'your size' and still not found a great one, you know as well as we do that the wrong size is just the tip of the iceberg.


The primary symptom of a poor fit is being uncomfortable.

None of these symptoms will bother you if you're in a great fitting bra:

  • Straps: They shouldn't slide off or dig in. Straps should always sit on your shoulder bones and never on the muscle next to your neck (hello, headaches)
  • Wires:no poking whilst going about your daily life
  • Movement: Your bra shouldn't move around during the day, if you're tugging on it to keep it in the right spot, you've got a problem...
  • Cups: There shouldn't be a gap between the cup and your breast, nor should your breast bulge out of the edge of the cup. Neither of these creates your most flattering silhouette and can easily be avoided!
  • Bra band: It shouldn't dig in painfully - it's normal to have a pale pink or red line around your body after wearing it all day - but this should be faint and never painful

If you have experienced any of these symptoms of a poor fit, you should consider investing in a new bra. Before you dandy off shopping, we'd also suggest you read our other blog article "How to Identify a Well-Engineered Bra."

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