About Us

We're building B.PRIVÉ to revolutionize lingerie.

Let us take you to a lingerie world where you can pick solely based on design knowing we'll deliver you a perfect fit. We know you'll love it!


Hi, I’m Margot the founder of B.PRIVÉ. For years I wore the wrong size bra and suffered the consequences - my straps fell off, wires dug in and the whole bra moved around a lot throughout the day.

Then I found the “one”, the okay-enough bra that wasn’t super uncomfortable. It wasn’t the prettiest bra but I bought it in every colour it came in. I kept a separate set of bras when I wanted to wear something beautiful: the uncomfortable and pretty ones.
Onee day, to my horror, I discovered the "one" was being discontinued. I had to start again, looking for a bra that was comfortable enough to wear every day. After hours spent uncomfortable in fitting rooms, unhappy with both design and fit, I felt that there had to be a better way.
I spoke to my friends and discovered that they too had real issues finding bras that fitted. Deciding to dig a little deeper I went to the U.K. to do one of the world’s premier bra fitting courses, then went to factories to observe the manufacturing process. The result was a new process to quickly and efficiently create made-to-measure bras.
I started making bras for my friends and they were delighted. They kept requesting more I thought it was time to bring this revolution in lingerie to you.
I hope you will love it as much as I do.